Ambassador Qu Zhe held reception on Chinese national day and 25th anniversary of China-Estonia diplomatic relations

On 26th September 2016, the Chinese Ambassador to Estonia H. E. Mr. Qu Zhe held reception in honor of the 67th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and Estonia at Swiss Hotel in Tallinn. Estonian government officials, members of parliament, business executives, artists, musicians and people from different walks of life as well as some Chinese citizens living or studying in Estonia attended the reception.


The reception hall is specifically designed and decorated into Blue-and-White Porcelain style. The porcelain represents Chinese culture while the blue and white colors represent Estonia because of the blue and white stripes of the Estonian national flag. At the beginning of the reception, a video clip about cooperation between China and Estonia over the past 25 years was screened to the guests.

Ambassador Qu Zhe delivered a speech at the reception. He briefly reviewed major achievements made in China since 1949. The ambassador also introduced the progress made in supply side reform, the successfully organized G20 Hangzhou Summit. He also mentioned the ratification of Paris Climate Change Agreement by the National People's Congress of China, which sent a clear message on China's commitment to building a better and cleaner future for the generations to come.


Mr Qu reviewed the bilateral cooperation between China and Estonia in various fields over the last 25 years, adding that the Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries (also known as 16+1 Cooperation ) and the Belt and Road Initiative have expanded the cooperation scope of China-Estonia relations and brought more benefits to both countries. He said both governments will join efforts to tap more potentials in future cooperation. The ambassador extended his best wishes to the bilateral relations by quoting Chinese proverb "the higher one stands, the further he will see" and also the Estonian proverb "tasa sõuad, kaugele jõuad", which means steady one rows, further he will go.


At the reception, photo exhibition with the theme of Chinese Story and China-Estonia Friendship, the Blue-and-White Porcelain at display, the Chinese painting and calligraphy presented by tutors from Tallinn University Confucius Institute, the books on various aspects of China and the products designed and made by Chinese company Huawei all attracted much attention of the guests.

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