Chinese Embassy in Estonia participates in the Christmas Bazaar in Tallinn

On 20 November, the International Christmas Bazaar organized by International Women's Club of Tallinn was held at Radisson Blu Sky Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia. The event was organized every year before the Christmas holidays since 1993. The Chinese Embassy in Estonia has actively participated in such event for many years, and has been one of the major supporters.


The Embassy organized the China Table with different style in each year. This year, the Embassy decorated the table with "Fú" (福), meaning "fortune" or "good luck" in Chinese culture. The golden Chinese character on a square red background brought joy and happiness in a Chinese fashion. Tasty Chinese snacks, different kinds of Chinese tea, typical Chinese souvenirs, and unique Chinese drinks on the table attracted much attention from people came to the bazaar. The spouse of the Chinese Ambassador Mrs. Jiang Li and diplomats from the Embassy introduced Chinese culture to those who are interested in buying the items. The Chinese Ambassador Qu Zhe also joined his colleagues during the sale.


The Embassy donated all the revenue to the International Women's Club of Tallinn, supporting the organization to help those who are underprivileged in Estonia.

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