Ambassador Li Chao Attends the Delivery Ceremony of Nuctech Railway Cargo Inspection Equipment

On 31 May, 2018, Chinese Ambassador to Estonia H.E. Mr. Li Chao attended the the Delivery Ceremony of Nuctech Railway Cargo Inspection Equipment in Narva, Estonia. The Ambassador, together with Valdur Laid, Director General of Estonian Tax and Customs Board, and Bian Xiaohao, General Manager of Nuctech Warsaw Company Limited, cut the ribbon at the ceremony. Chinese Embassy Economic Counsellor Mr. Wu Yan, Estonian Customs Director Suurraid, Deputy Director Kutti also attended the ceremony.

Ambassador Li delivered a speech at the ceremony. He congratulated the success of the deal and pay high tribute to the sincere cooperation between Estonian Tax and Customs Board and Nuctech Warsaw. He noticed that as Estonia’s international trade developed rapidly in recent years, demands in cargo inspection equipment with improved efficiency and accuration in Estonia are going up.

“I believe Nuctech Warsaw’s 5 sets of inspection equipment can meet the needs of Estonian Tax and Customs Board, assist to crack down on smuggling, maintain national security, as well as facilitate customs clearance, and eventually provide convenience for Estonia import and export trade”, the Ambassador appraised. He also expressed his pleasure to see that the high-tech equipment with complete intellectual property developed by Nuctech Warsaw has been fully affirmed by Estonian Tax and Customs Board. “These devices are crystallization of the wisdom of Chinese scientists and technicians, and they are the business cards of China's high-end manufacturing in the international market”, he said.

Ambassador Li also applauded the growing economic ties between Estonia and China, that is, deepened policy coordination, increased bilateral trade and investment and enhanced infrastructure connectivity. “Facing the future, our two countries have broad prospects for cooperation”, he emphasized. China is ready to share opportunities of its own development, with its commitment to China’s basic national policy of reform and opening-up and continuous promotion of Belt and Road Initiative. “It is hoped that China and Estonia will join hands together to push forward our collaboration to another new level”, the Ambassador concluded.

Estonian Tax and Customs Board director general Valdur Laid also gave his opening remarks at the ceremony. "This has been a very important investment for us, and it's the largest investment we have made in the customs area in general to date into the inspection equipment. I'm sure the investment will ensure the security of the Estonian eastern border and is good for our customs efficiency", said Laid. He also appraised the project “a small step to global trade, but a big leap for Estonian customs”.

It is said that today’s delivery of the railway cargo inspection equipment concluded the supply contract of five sets of security inspection equipment, signed between Nuctech Warsaw and the Estonian Tax and Customs Board in 2016.

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