Ambassador Li Chao met with mayor of Narva

On 31st May, Chinese Ambassador to Estonia Mr Li Chao visited Narva, the third largest city in Estonia, during which he had a meeting with the Mayor of the city Mr Tarmo Tammiste.

The Mayor welcomed Ambassador Li to visit the city. He gave a brief overview on the economic and social development of the city as well as the main industries in the region. He recalled previous trips he had made to China over the past a few years. “China is a great country with very rapid development both economically and socially. It would be wonderful if more Chinese companies will invest and do business in Narva”, said Mr Tammiste.

The Ambassador briefed the mayor on the recent cooperation between China and Estonia in various fields. He said the structural reform of Chinese economy has delivered encouraging results and the great potential of Chinese market is tapped more effectively. “China is ready to share the benefits of our own development with other countries”, said the Ambassador. “Chinese and Estonian economies have our individual strength and are complementary to each other. The Embassy will continue serving as a bridge and facilitator for companies from both countries to work together”, the Ambassador added. He also hoped the city of Narva will enhance its contacts and exchanges with local governments in China so as to expand the scope of cooperation and bring more benefits to the peoples.

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