Ambassador Li Chao met with Estonian Minister of Education and Research

On 5 June, the Chinese Ambassador to Estonia Mr. Li Chao met with the Estonian Minister of Education and Research Mrs Mailis Reps.

The Ambassador gave an overview on the cooperation between China and Estonia in education, science and technology. He thanked colleagues from Ministry of Education and Research and the Minister herself for the support. “China and Estonia have our own strength in developing our individual education and science sectors. Our cooperation in education has yielded many positive results that have benefited both our universities and peoples”, said the Ambassador. “I hope our two sides will join our efforts and work together to bring the win-win cooperation to the next level.”

Minister Reps spoke positively of the mutually beneficial cooperation between Estonia and China. “The Ministry of Education and Research remains committed to working with our Chinese counterpart in order to support more active cooperation between our higher education institutions”, the Minister said.

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