Schedule for Chinese Lunar New Year celebration events in Tallinn 2019


On the occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year 2019 (the year of pig), the Chinese Embassy in Estonia, together with our partners from Beijing and Tallinn, will organize several events from the late January to early February.

The Chinese Lunar New Year falls on 5th February. The Chinese Ambassador to Estonia H.E. Mr. Li Chao and Madame Sun Peng, together with all the staff members of the Embassy, wish all the Chinese and Estonian friends a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year.

I. Zigong Lantern Show

Time: 16:00 23rd January to 6th February

Place:Kaarli puiestee

Note: Outdoors; Free of charge

Introduction: Since ancient times, Chinese lantern has been very famous and the Zigong lantern, known as "the best lantern in the world", is of a reflection of Chinese lantern culture. The Zigong Lantern Festival is famous for its high quality, rich lighting, large scale and colorful activities.


II.Chinese Film Week 3.0

Time: 25th to 27th January

Place:COCA-COLA PLAZA,Hobujaama 5,Tallinn

Note: Free of charge


Introduction: This year is the third year of Chinese film week held by Chinese Embassy. We selected one classical documentary "Masters in the Forbidden City" (2016) and two popular movies "How long will I love you" (2018), "The Island" (2018). Due to the limited number of seats, guests can go to the Coca Cola Plaza no early than two hours before the screening to collect the complimentary tickets. First come, first served. See you there, and your comments are most welcome.

The information of the movies is as follows:



Screening Time



Masters in the Forbidden City

18:00 Friday 25th Jan



How Long

Will I Love You

16:00 Saturday 26th Jan



The Island

16:00 Sunday 27th Jan



III.Quiz on China by Radio 4

Time:From 28th Jan to 8th February

Note: Russian; Winner will get prize


Introduction: The Embassy will work with Radio 4 to organize Quiz on China. For two weeks, Radio 4 will ask several questions about Chinese culture, tradition, science and so on during their program every morning. Those who give correct answers will be awarded with panda style hat/gloves. Stay tuned and win the prize!


IV.Intangible Cultural Heritage-Chinese Shadow Play

Time:17:00-18:00 Friday 1st Feburary

Place:Russian Cultural Center

Note:Free of charge

Introduction: Chinese shadow play, also known as Chinese shadow puppetry, is a form of theatre acted by colorful silhouette figures, accompanied with music and singing. Manipulated by puppeteers using rods, the figures create the illusion of moving images on a translucent cloth screen illuminated from behind. Shadow play was one of the most ancient and popular entertainments in China.

V. Concert and Performance

Time: 19:00-20:00 Friday 1st February

Place: Russian Cultural Center

Note: Free of charge

Introduction:  It is a concert of the Beijing performers.  Most performers are from Central Conservatory of Music and Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre, but some also by Martial Arts Club and Beijing Dance Academy.


VI. Temple Fair

Time:14:00-19:00 Saturday 2nd February

Place:Vabaduse Square, Tallinn

Note:Outdoors;Free of charge

Introduction: Exhibition of intangible cultural heritage and creative products, promotion of tourism, manufacture of ice sculpture, experience of interaction, etc.


VII.The 10th Happy Chinese New Year Performance

Time:16:00-18:00 Saturday 2nd February

Place:Vabaduse Square, Tallinn

Note:Outdoors;Free of charge

Introduction: Beijing and Tallinn will hold the 10th Happy Chinese New Year Performance together. Artists from Beijing will perform traditional Chinese dance, martial arts, folk music, kunqu opera, etc.

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