Chinese Ambassador's wife Mrs Sun Peng Performed Chinese Tea Practice

On February 20, 2020, Mrs Sun Peng, wife of H.E. Ambassador Li Chao, attended the City of Parnu "Tea evening" ceremony and introduced Chinese tea culture as well as performed Chinese tea practice. Ms. Varje Tipp, Deputy Mayor of Parnu city, who was present and showed her great interest in Chinese tea culture. The organizers Ms. Thea Karin, an Estonian journalist, and Ms. Tiina Ojaste, a painter, shared their visits to China and displayed paintings inspired by Chinese culture.

Mrs. Sun introduced in her opening remarks that the Chinese nation has written a brilliant page for its tea culture in the history of world civilization. China is the origin of tea and is renowned for its skills in planting and making tea. The practice of tea-drinking spread over to Europe and many other regions through cultural exchange via the ancient "Silk Road" and other channels of trade. Mrs. Sun appreciated the opportunity provided by the organizers to let the Estonian people know about Chinese tea culture.

Mrs. Sun also noted China's current efforts to fight against the outbreak of COVID-19 and Chinese people’s full confidence in achieving final victory. “Today, this tea-evening event is of special significance to us. We thank Estonian friends for showing your trust and support to us”, she said.

Deputy Mayor Tipp appreciated madam Sun’s performance and said that, Chinese tea culture is totally new for Estonian, which they are looking forward to learning more about. She also mentioned the good cooperation between the two cities of Parnu and Qingdao and expressed her wishes for long-lasting friendship. When it comes to the epidemic outbreak in China, Tipp echoed “you always have our support”.

Followed was the introduction of tea origin, categories and types as well as the live performance by Mrs. Sun. She demonstrated brewing methods of green tea, white tea, raw Pu-er tea, matured Pu-er tea, gunpowder tea and jasmine tea in turns. Along with Mrs Sun’s graceful tea art performance, a kind of quiet and elegant air was flowing in the room, which represented the core of Chinese tea culture, leaving the audience mesmerized. The participants were guided in Chinese way to look, smell and taste the different kinds of tea prepared on the table. They were deeply attracted by her performance.

When the performance finished, everyone expressed their gratitude to Mrs. Sun for bringing such a different and wonderful cultural experience.

During the tea party, participants also have opportunities to enjoy other tea styles including English black tea, Chinese Tibetan tea and Russian herbal tea. Meanwhile, the organizers shared their experience in China and sources of inspiration for paintings.

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