Embassy Spokesperson's Statement on the Stigmatization of China over Coronavirus by the Estonian Finance Minister

Recently, the Minister of Finance of Estonia Martin Helme wantonly stigmatized China by claiming that the novel coronavirus was exposed or released from a Chinese laboratory in a radio interview. China is strongly dissatisfied with and opposed to this irresponsible remarks.

By now, scientists from many countries have studied the gene sequence of the novel coronavirus and are convinced that the virus comes from nature. There is no evidence that the novel coronavirus is made in the laboratory or designed in other ways. Facing the outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese government has taken the most comprehensive, strict and thorough prevention and control measures in time to effectively cut off the virus transmission chain. On January 23, China temporarily closed the departure channel from Wuhan. From January 24 to April 8, Wuhan had no departing commercial flights and trains. China was the first country to report the novel coronavirus outbreak to the WHO, but that does not mean that the virus originated in Wuhan. An epidemic can originate in any city, country or region in the world. The origin of the novel coronavirus is a serious scientific issue that should be addressed by scientists and medical experts. WHO and the international community clearly oppose the association of viruses with specific countries and regions, and oppose stigmatization.

The novel coronavirus is the common enemy of mankind. Slanders and accusations on others won't make oneself immune from the virus, only unity and cooperation can help the international community to overcome the pandemic. We advise the person concerned to respect science and stop spreading the political virus, since disinformation, rumors and slanders are more horrible than the virus.

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