Important Reminder on Serum IgM Antibody Testing

In spite of multiple notices and reminders issued on the Embassy’s webpage regarding China-bound flights passengers’ application for the Health code or Health Declaration code with the negative certificate of nucleic acid test and serum IgM antibody test, some passengers still submitted IgG antibody test certificate which did not conform with the requirements, and influenced the application and issuance of the Health Code or the Health Declaration Code, even hindered themselves from the travel as planned. This is partially due to ignorance of Synlab’s new testing method, the recognized testing agency by the embassy, no longer performs both serum IgG and IgM antibody tests as it did in the past, unless specifically stated to carry out IgM antibody tests, the IgG antibody test will be performed as standard.

Therefore Embassy reminds all China-bound flights passengers to carefully read the relevant notices and reminders issued by the Embassy on its Webpage. When conducting serum antibody testing, they must specifically explain to Synlab for IgM antibody testing and require a certificate with signature and stamp. Following the requirements of “Notice of Revised Requirement of Applying for HS Code or HDC Code issued on February 21, 2021, through the WeChat Epidemic Prevention Health Code International Mini Program or log in to http://hrhk.cs.mfa, applicant need to complete the form step by step and upload: 1. Certificate of negative nucleic acid test (real –time PCR); 2. Certificate of negative serum IgM antibody test (SARS-CoV-2 IgM); 3. Booking confirmation for all itinerary (once-transit connecting flight); 4. Certificate of residence in Estonia (including but not limited to National ID Card, Residence Permits, Visas, etc.); if you have received COVID-19 vaccination, the vaccination certificate is also needed. After receiving the application, the Embassy will review and issu code to eligible passengers. Applicants can obtain the green HS code or HDC code through WeChat Epidemic Prevention Health Code International Mini Program or log on to .

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