Traditional Chinese music concert held at Kadriorg Palace Museum in Estonia

On 22 October, the Concert of ChineseTraditional Music was held at Kadriorg Palace Museum in Tallinn, Estonia. The Chinese Ambassador Qu Zhe attended the concert with nearly 70 invited guests.


The concert was organized by Estonia's FA Schola Ensemble and cosponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Estonia and several other institutions. The Ensemble played traditional Chinese music Moon Reflection on Erquan Spring, Beautiful Night Tune, Spring River Evening View, Flowers and Youth, etc. The musicians also gave brief introduction on the traditional Chinese musical instruments they played.

Ambassador Qu met with the musicians after the concert. He expressed his warm congratulations on the successful performance and organization of the concert. He affirmed the dedication of FA Schola Ensemble to promoting Chinese traditional music to the Estonian public and encouraged the band to further their exchanges and cooperation with their Chinese counterparts, and enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples.

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