Document Legalization

Documents issued in Estonia and to be used in China need to be legalized by the Chinese Embassy in Estonia to acquire validity in China. These documents should be certified by the Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia before being submitted to the Chinese Embassy in Estonia for legalization.

Applicants are requested to submit the original  and one copy of the document that needs to be legalized. A copy of applicant's passport and a completed application form for legalization should also be submitted. You may download the application form here from the attached document.

Service charges:  Civil documents: 17 euros; business and property related documents: 33 euros.Please note it takes 5 working days to process the authentication after the submisstion of documents. Yet, the Embassy can provide express and urgent services in extrordinary circumstances with additional service charges. Urgent service will charge addtional 35 euros and applicant will pay addtional 25 euros for express service.



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