Visa for tourist groups traveling to mainland China

1. A tourist group should comprise at least 5 members.

2. Confirmation letter / Fax from an authorized Chinese travel agency or tourist bureau.

3. Passports and photocopies of the information page of passports in A4 size paper.

4. Typed name list of the group. If there is any blank on the last page of the name list, draw a straight line from the left corner down to the right corner.

5. A letter of Estonian travel agency with the itinerary.

6. Tip a serial number on each passport, and the serial numbers given to group members should be listed in order on the group visa form.

7. The group visa form pattern can be obtained upon request. It takes 1 week to process a group visa.

8. Group members must hold their original passports when they arrive at the port of entry.

9. If any group member intends to travel alone or leave China individually for special reasons after entry into China, the group organizer must apply a permit through local Public Security Bureau.

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