Ambassador Qu Zhe attended the handing-over ceremony for goods donated by Chinese government

On September 28, Mr. Qu Zhe, the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Estonia attended the handing-over ceremony held in the SOS Children's Village in Estonia for goods donated by Chinese government..


The ambassador said that the handover was a follow-up to the commitment made by State Councilor Yang Jing during his visit to SOS Children's Village in June this year. China has long been committed to helping the groups who need help utmost, and children of SOS children's village is such an object, hope SOS children's village children could grow up as the backbone of Estonia, and become the envoy of spreading friendship between two counties.

Mr Rait Kuuse, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Affaire, and Mr. Lepik, the Chairman of the Board SOS CV Assocation, expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Chinese government for their donation. There is a very active atmosphere on the handing-over ceremony, and the donated goods are very popular with all the children.

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