Tibetan Arts Exhibition opens in Tallinn, Estonia
On 7 Oct. 2003, the Tibetan Arts Exhibition opens in the National Library of Estonia. H. E. Hong Jiuyin, Ambassador of China, Mrs. Tiiu Valm, Director General of the Library, Mrs. Reet Mikkel, Deputy Secretary General of the Estonian Ministry of Culture attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches respectively. H. E. Ambassador Hong Jiuyin said that China is a united multi-ethnic nation. Altogether 56 ethnic groups, including the Tibetan ethnic group, live harmoniously in one big united family. Tibet has been an inseparable part of China since ancient times. Over the unique history and through integration with and permeation of religion culture, as well as assimilating and drawing on the outstanding culture of other Chinese ethnic groups and foreign ones in the world, the rich and systematic Tibetan traditional culture took shape and grew, which enriches the treasure house of Chinese traditional ethnic culture. The Chinese Government has always attached great importance to the economic development of the Tibetan region and preservation and promotion of the Tibetan ethnic and folk culture. To salvage and protect the Tibetan ethnic cultural heritage, the Chinese Government has organized a large number of experts to render assistance and provided substantial financial resources. Now Tibet has gone through earth-shaking changes. People's living standards are improving with each passing day. The cultural heritages are well salvaged and preserved. The culture causes are advancing continuously. More and more foreign exchanges are going on. Any unbiased person will admit of this fact. We believe the exhibition will surely increase the friendly Estonian people's understanding of China's Tibet and its culture as well.

Mrs. Tiiu Valm and Mrs. Reet Mikkel welcome the Exhibition in Estonia, believing that the Exhibition will serve as a bridge between different peoples and cultures. Around 70 people from the Estonian Riigikogu, Ministry of Culture, cultural and educational circles, and diplomatic corps attended the opening ceremony and expressed great appreciation of the beauty and mystery of the Tibetan traditional culture. Some ambassadors said that the Exhibition is necessary and timely.

The Tibetan Arts Exhibition is organized by the Chinese Embassy in Estonia with assistance from the Estonian Ministry of Culture and National Library as well. Around 100 material artifacts are displayed during the exhibition. The Exhibition will open from 7 to 25 Oct. 2003.

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