Wu Bangguo meets with Estonian President Arnold Rüütel


On August 26, 2005, Chairman Wu Bangguo of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) met with Estonian President Arnold Rüütel in the Great Hall of the People.

Wu said that in recent years the bilateral relations have maintained sound momentum of development. Both sides have conducted fruitful exchanges and cooperation in the areas of politics, economy, culture and education. Both sides have also kept good communication and coordination on some international and regional issues. China respects the development road chosen by the Estonian people and thanks the Estonian government for its position of adhering to the one-China policy. China would like to work with Estonia to push for the new progress of bilateral friendly cooperation.

Wu said that the bilateral friendship enjoys a profound social basis. The exchanges and cooperation between the NPC of China and the Estonian parliament are developing smoothly and there is an increasing of exchanges of visits between the special committees of the two countries. China attaches great importance to the contacts between the legislative bodies of the two countries and welcomes more Estonian parliament members to visit China.

Wu also briefed on China's economic and social developments.

Rüütel noted that although Estonia and China are far away from each other, both sides always show understanding and support to each other. China has undergone great changes since the adoption of the reform and opening-up policy, which shows that China has chosen the correct development road. Although bosh sides have different national conditions and development priorities, to strengthen dialogue and cooperation is in line with the common interest of both sides. The two countries have witnessed frequent exchanges and sound cooperation between parliament members of both sides and Estonia stands ready to further deepen the bilateral friendly relations and expand cooperation in various fields.

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